Sway Oh Masses Sway: The Anti-Islam Movie and The Manipulation of Society

It is clear from the onset of this whole fiasco, how corroborated the whole anti-islam movie is. There are groups of opportunists, that seek to utilize whatever means to achieve that which they wish to attain. Society in essence, has shown itself to be completely maleable. The brotherhood of islam, utilized this opportunity, to gain power, and to produce chaos and destruction. And it is due to this, that most have begun to question their motives. What astonishes me the most, is how the horde of muslim peace lovers across the middle eastern world, took to going absolutely batshit insane and attacking whatever foreign entitiy they may find. Clearly there has been a huge disinformation tactic being used by several societies and governments. To the middle-easterners in the middle-east, the “movie” is supported by america, it is popular. They have been fed lies, and their reality tunnel is completely different to ours; those who have lived in multi-cultural societies. I am willing to bet, that none of them even saw it.
In a word or two, the movie SUCKS. It really does, I mean atleast if they were going to take a stab at such an easy target of a religion they would have done it better. The movie is so obsecure and shit, that I actually question the veracity of all media sources. I’m hoping that what we are witnessing is simply an exageration of how the arab world reacted to this movie. I am a huge proponent of free speech, but this whole carnage has made me question free speech. For you see, for free speech to work, it requires one to be solid in their foundation. It even requires a certain level of respect from both parties. But what we are seeing is pure stupidity. People want any reason and any opportunity to war with eachother.
Ok, I won’t write anymore of this topic, it does not deserve anymore attention than it has received.

To end this post, here’s a poem I wrote on jottify after witnessing this PSYOP operation.

Sway Oh Masses Sway — From: http://jottify.com/works/sway-oh-masses/

This is the flesh eating meat scorching

Sort the swords of men that choke abroad

Move hoard move whore like gore

Gingivitas of society poke at them till they bleed

We sway to the media’s whims

Laced with anger and filled with sins

All bore from our lack of self belief

Belief in leaders and death that sweeps

They attack your beliefs and they attack what you love

But they attack no one, they do not attack the above

They use us, they use the chaos that they create

Fuck us up, while they collect and sate

Oh you blind fellow man

Think for yourselves, and let go of the illusion

You will choke and suffer if you do not walk hand in hand

Azkazeal asked me if a blind world is just

But we are not blind, merely frozen in rust

And in our own hearts should we now trust

Violence begets violence begets justice?

The world’s equilibrium lies at the tip of my tongue

The world’s peace lies in the tips of your fingers

Sway oh masses sway

Sway to the piper’s flute

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