Anonymous and the destruction of Zionism.

Whilst the Arab leaders and politicians bawww and cry, whilst they scramble amongst themselves and have little meetings, there’s a war going on outside, one they are very afraid of. This war is one fought for the benefit of the ruling class, it seeks not to help the Israeli nor does it seek to help the Palestinian. This Zionist ideology is one of insanity; it is one of torment and uncouth saliva dripping thirst for blood. Yet amongst all the terror and mindless gorging of the higher ups, there existed one hope for humanity, they go by many names, but most call them, anonymous. In their path is left a trail of lulz and a relentless objective eye for truth. Their numbers exceed 9000, and they are the new fresh princes of this new era.

Who would have thought, that a leaderless collective of individuals could project so much pressure upon the elites? This is something that even George Orwell could not have predicted. Their philosophy is the continuation of the popular comic V for Vendetta written by Alan Moore (the wisest of beardmen), yet they all hold many beliefs, many temperaments and many objectives. But be warned, when their toes are stepped on, they will strike like a swarm of hornets. The hidden potential of this group of people is brought about when their internets is taken away. They too also recognize that all humans deserve this most fundamental of rights, the internet should be to humanity, as oxygen is to the lungs of man.

(V for Vendetta and the face of Anonymous.)

I am often too used to seeing my country men being stepped on, the Iraq war, and the terrorism within the ancient land of Mesopotamia was heart shattering, yet the perpetrators remained hidden. But when I saw the events in Gaza, and the gratuitous and repulsive response of the Zionist media and their humiliating social campaign, I was enraged. For unlike the terrorists who rocked Iraq, these sentient pieces of faeces bravely stood as the cause of the destruction and havoc, that had killed and maimed innocent Palestinian children. I knew that deep inside, that nothing would be done, the justice of Europe, and the justice of the united states, is indeed a blind one. For they are too busy fondling the testicles of Israel to notice the truth. I also knew that the Arab countries were useless, for they themselves have been infiltrated, puppet governments reign supreme, and apart from words, they offer nothing. But amongst the shadows, the ray of light grew, in the mind of the legion, a demon raged. All that was needed, was for this angel of death to be awakened, and alas, Israel awoke him. They threatened the webz.

Anonymous, like a spider did not fear for its web, for Israel, like a small insect had inadvertently crawled within it, and was too busy to realize the silky cocoon they were in. And whilst they tweeted away, the digestive enzymes of anonymous ran through Israel’s veins destroying it from within. Anonymous, who are people of many backgrounds, of many ideologies, they make me feel safe in this world, for atleast they speak out, when the people unite against evil in such a way, it feels that there just may be justice in this world.

Now some of you may be saying: that their words will do nothing to sway Israel’s massacre, that their actions will be nothing but a small impediment to the destruction of the Zionist forces. But I say NAY to these naysayers. For they are indeed blind when they ignore the fundamental laws of this world. For like everything around you, the manifestation of our will of our influence, it all begins within the mind. From thoughts to words, to actions, to materialization. Israel should be very afraid, very very afraid. For anonymous is all encompassing, even amongst their flanks, there are anonymy, these anonymy watch from the sidelines, these are jews of honour, of wisdom, and when the time is right, they will destroy that which their leaders built. There are many Jews and Israelis who share the disgust of the world at the actions of the Zionist apartheid regime. And one day, they will be free, no more will their shackles confine them, they will storm their government and bring about the new Israel.

Anonymous since it began Operation Israel, has fixed over 600 Israeli websites. They have managed to attack Israel through peaceful means, and those that claim they are a terrorist group are just butthurt fanatics. They may truly be the one hope left for the voiceless. They have recently shared the dox(contact details) of various Israeli organizations. This can only be seen as a good thing, for they are encouraging discussion and debate, they are encouraging you to talk to the israelis, and to maybe if by miracle come to some kind of understanding. It would be good for the israelis to understand that breaking ceasefires and killing innocent people is wrong. They have a monopoly on the media, they claim that they desire peace, but actions speaker louder than lies. They need to learn to respect the democratically elected government of Hamas, and they need to obey the 1967 borders.

It should be clear from my words now, that I desire not war, I desire not death for anyone, I desire truth, I desire for peace and equality to brought to the Palestinians. So I write this to call out all our brothers that reside within the borders of the land known as Israel. Rise, let your voices be heard, let justice prevail. Know that the plight of any other man is the plight of yours, know that the death of any other child is the death of yours. No child should be killed, no civilian should injured, we are the people, we are the rule, we are the kings.

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3 Responses to Anonymous and the destruction of Zionism.

  1. Sunni Ship says:

    News now is just one big snuff movie – switch off ! Even the RT newsreader was reporting the Gaza massacre with a gleam in her eye today, and that was followed by jolly music, then the commercial break! Refuse to become desensitised by the demonic news reporting, switch off the T.V. it only helps to perpetuate the madness and do something useful to help.

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