My Crazy Boss

He is so crazy, but he’s cool, mainly because I have known him longer than I have known anyone else. He is so crazy that he infact convinced me to write this stupid post comemorating him and his nonsensical ideals. Of course I do believe he knows what he is doing, but he is very sporadic, sometimes he is very strict, and at other times he lets me sleep the whole day off.

I honestly don’t know what the hell he is thinking. At times he can rule with an iron fist, literally dictating when I should eat drink and so forth, and at times, he resitricts any eating of food in the office before 8pm. Once he walked in to the office, told me to just “do whatever the fuck you want” and then he walked out. I don’t know whether he was testing me, so I thought “Fine, Today I’m gonna chill”, needless to say,  I didn’t do any work that day. I have had this one time, where he set the alarm on my phone without my awareness. Apparently it will “help me get in on time”. That crazy bastard.

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