Bandwagon Haters

You know what’s worse than being a bandwagon fan? Being a fucking bandwagon hater. I am now sick of this, I mean seriously, people these days are uniting just to hate on something. Think about it, how much hate have you heard towards Justin Beiber, how much hate have you seen towards the twilight series? Have you consumed any of those pieces of intellectual property? Have you watch twilight? have you heard justin beiber? I certainly haven’t, but for a strange reason I find myself hating them… Why? Well because I was under the influence of somekind of social coercion, I was forced on to a bandwagon of hate. It’s fair enough that I hate mainstream artists, but there’s a reason for that, mainly because most are artificial, their songs are written and composed for them, the ideas and the videos are done for them, they are nothing but puppets.

Take “Diamonds” for instance, diamonds is a song, sung by rihanna, it has been getting quite some airtime here in the U.K. Now it is fair to say I like this tune, but who wrote it exactly?
Well, these guys:(Sia Furler, Benjamin Levin, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen).
And who produced it? Well these two guys: (Benny Blanco, StarGate)

Now, this is not to say that these producers suck, their creativity is quite inspiring. But they do suck by proxy, because they hide behind the image of a popstar, music has become a business, a marketing tool, no longer is it about an art of connecting with the inner divinity, or of connecting with your fellow man, hell music can even serve as a therapy. No, now it is nothing but a business locked in the cages of the industry.

But I digress, that little rant demonstrates the reasons for hating an industry. I can’t hate the person, because frankly I don’t know the person, and I think that most people are getting the players confused with the game. You can hate the game, but leave the players out of it.

This of course brings me to my next point, most of the things I hate, I know nothing about, neither do you. It seems like people these days are making it their mission, going out of their way, to hate on something, mainly because they can’t lift themselves up. They suck, so they take it out on others. They suck, so instead of working on building themselves, they work on destroying others. This kind of behaviour demonstrates to me the bane of modern society, and the death of the spirit of man.

Ironically though, even with this animosity of the masses, the successful use that negative energy to their advantage, by talking about what you hate, you simply give it more power. You are giving them free publicity. If you truly hate something, then shut the fuck up, I am now so overwhelmed by the twilight and beiber memes, that I am going to start listening to beiber myself, and I am going to start watching twilight, because for fucks sake thats all everyone seems to talk about.

As oscar wilde said: “What’s worse than being talked about; not being talked about.”

Now get off that bandwagon!

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