The Day I saw The Unseen

I’ve always heard that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. That the ability to see beyond all others puts you at the top. I happened to discover for myself the very opposite. The one eyed man in a society of blind would be ridiculed and excluded from his otherwise well meaning party. You see when I was young, I had the liberty and the privilege to see the unseen. I remember when it hit me on that fateful day, how it mesmerised me. I think it will be necessary for me to admit that, in my younger days, I was very socially inept. It wasn’t because I didn’t socialize enough, it was because I by my nature as a youngster and even now to a certain degree prefered to be alone, with my thoughts.

To accomplish this aim, I would do all that was in my power to avoid any sort of social interaction with another person. This is something that I only recently began working on. It took me nine years to even recognize this deficit, and even longer to begin working on it. I remember the first day in highschool, we had regular form classes, I would go in, make as little eye contact as was possible and find a seat as far expelled from any other human being. In my head, a world of activity thoughts and images, lost in a sea of contemplations. Around me in the physical, there were people bustling and talking amongst themselves, literally scrambling amongst each other, socialising; they knew the importance of establishing strong bonds with the people that they will see for the better part of the next five years.

This continued for some months, I cannot recall how long this continued before anyone even said a word to me, back then I was happy to be left alone, yet at the same time, even in those thought consuming years, I still felt that there was something wrong, perhaps I should have been more outgoing. I mean it will be wise to remind the readers, that despite the picture that I have just painted of myself, I am in fact an extrovert, I could be extremely loud, talk your ears off, and just speak the first thing that comes into my mind without any sort of reasonable filter to protect me from other peoples’ assumptions. However back then I liked to keep my group small, my friends were a select few.

But, one day, all of this changed, one day, I saw what others could not see. I remember my form tutor, she was a kind woman, that I felt took pity on me. Perhaps because she was to certain extent a day dreamer too. Now one day, as I sat in class, in contemplation of certain things, I noticed before me what appeared to be a floating seed of a dandelion. I was sitting alone, everyone else was consumed talking away with their friends. The seed floated closely, it was beautiful, I still remember it to this day, it consumed me, the sunlight striking it, gave it a multi-coloured rainbow tinge, it was almost otherworldly, something I had, and till this day never seen before.

For some reason, I felt strongly compelled to grab it, but it was delicate, and the smallest of movements would probably send air scurrying pushing it away. So I stretched forth my hand, hoping for it to land upon my palm. And as I stretched and slowly lifted myself away from the table, it slowly moved away, and so I followed. Before I knew it, the whole class was laughing, and slowly I came to the realization that the teacher had been screaming to the top of her voice, trying to, god bless her heart in a futile attempt to save my social standing. But it was too late, I was doing a ballet pose, stretching my hands out to the skies awkwardly. And then it suddenly hit me, this floating seed, this multi-coloured beauty that mesmerized me to the extent of consciously losing touch with the world around me, the other students, even the teacher. It was something that they could not see. It was too delicate, it was too pure, too hidden, it was not worthy of their eyes. I sat down immediately in embarrassment, and could not for the life of me explain to the teacher or the other students, what I was I was doing.


As I walked home, some students jokingly called my name, and began doing that very balletesque pose that I had done, they laughed and joked, I was the butt of the joke, but they did not see, they did not understand how that pose came to be, what led to its creation. Why that pose came to be, they could not see the hidden world that had inspired me. It took me a while to realize that I, perhaps should socialize, and attempt to expand my network. I did finally accomplish this in 2011, I broke free from my shell, and made plenty of mistakes on the way, but I will never forget the shell that bore my mind.

I remember thinking, why on earth was I vilified by the others based on their ignorance? It was clear to me that I would have to balance the unseen with the seen if I ever were to live a balanced life. I would have to be able to swim in this unseen ocean of glory and beauty that the world contains, a beauty that my fellow man perhaps would never see, and at the same time, feed and sate the illusions of society, lest I be cast out and destroyed.

So when they me ask how I have such a wild imagination, it’s because I lived in it, it was my life, whilst they spoke to one another, whilst they maneuvered in social battlefields, I was busy manipulating thought, day dreaming, I was busy, overwhelmed by attempts to analyse the nonsensical patterns of life.

Though this is starting to sound very arrogant and a little megalomaniacal, it was one of the most profound lessons that life gave to me, bore from the whims, serendipity and chaos of synchronicity.

And this is why, the one eyed man pretends to be blind.

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