The Unseen Hours

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Beneath the glory of all great men, lie the unseen hours. What I am talking about, are the unseen hours of work and effort. To be truly great at anything, requires time and dedication, this rule can be applied to the most meaningful and to the most tirvial of tasks, time + effort = success. The problem is, when you are applying all those hours and all that time, results take time to appear. Good things need to ferment, they need to grow. The worst thing to happen to a young and formidable dream chaser is when people cannot see the unseen hours he puts into his craft, and the negativity ends up forcing him to pull the saplings of his success from their roots, and resorting to a life he may otherwise not have desired. Eventually they see someone that has accomplished what he desired, and remaining as ignorant as they were, say that such a person was “talented”, that the success happened out of nature, as if from birth in his genetics it was destined, whilst in reality all that has happened is that they were ignorant of the unseen hours.

Those are the hidden hours, the labour that bears fruit, that diffrentiates you from everyone else. It is those hours that inspire you, that give you your uniqueness. Successful people are never imitators but always trend setters. This is because they feel comfortable in their element, in their zone, they do not act out of hubris, nor out of
spite, but they act out of necessity, as if their art/work gives meaning to their lives.

This is why it’s not difficult to find yourself being ridiculed, and asked what are your achievements by the ignorant folk. As far as they are concerned, they see nothing but results. They do not see dedication, they do not see effort, they see life from the goggles that society has forced before their eyes. They see life in terms of money, they see it in terms of being a loyal servent, working for a superior, willing to buckle, drool and drop should he so desires. Whether you are writing a book, or creating a gym business. The only people that may understand you, are those that are in similar positions, and even at that, with your level of intelligence and planning, whether you have support or not should not be important to you at all.

Unseen hours requires that you care not for what other people say or think of you, it means to apply your influence on the world as opposed to being influenced by the world. Just remember that the earlier you start investing into your skill, the earlier you will succeed, and also remember, that it can never be “too late”. Reality is what you make it, your subjective shapes the world around you, one of the biggest obstacles will be overcoming your self, and transforming who you are so that your will and desire are unified beneath the wisdom you covet.

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