Why did I choose indie publishing, and how handing out flyers opened portals of thought.

I’m giving out a free copy of my ebook on www.theshiningserpent.com To help spread the message I went out today and distributed a couple of flyers. And as I done this, a very important question occurred to me: why did I choose indie publishing?

Firstly let me just tell you, that handing out leaflets and self-promotion in general are the opposite of what a writer does. Writers are very hermetic, or at least I am. They are not used to going out there and doing any self-promotion, it’s really kind of tough to just let go of that ego and to let go of that pride and to wear that really thick skin. And getting into indie, really does teach you thick skin, you can’t get any thicker than this. Independent publishing is not for everyone, you have to be a bit heartless, and a little crazy. The reason I chose this path for my work is because of multiple reason, some might say that they chose it for money, me personally I did not. Though as with everything money is a good and influential incentive, it wasn’t the main reason for me.


The main reason I began to pursue independent publishing was creative control. After I had finished the final draft, the first thing I done, was go out and do it myself. I was just scared of what changes may take place, I was scared of bad covers and of editors, I was scared they may ruin the vision. After doing it myself, and spending the better part of 3 months devoured by this endeavour, I saw how truly difficult it is to self-publish. You have to truly know the ins and outs of books and the process. From typography to simple things such as the book dimensions, you have to learn it all. But I have no regrets with what I have done, in fact it feels good, knowing that the knowledge and skills I attained will pay dividends for me in the future. Because it’s been a real big learning experience for me, and knowing that I have that control over my products, my ideas and expression. That’s the most important thing, expression, art is expression.

Take away freedom and liberty from the medium and you are left with trash, you are left with imitation, you are left with merely a marketing ploy. As opposed to what I am doing, which is truly free, it is truly independent, there is no one on the top monitoring everything. It is just a tough line of work, there is no denying it, there is no side stepping the fact that it is tough. It is tough to get your name out there. So who is independent publishing for?

Independent publishing is either for the crazy or for the famous. If you are well known, you will have no problem selling your product, because you have that fame to drive sales, as opposed to someone who is new, or maybe even an entry level author, because what ends up happening is that they see the difficulty of getting their name out there. Even giving out free things, can be difficult, FREE THINGS!

So when it comes to actually spreading their name in the craft, and letting people know about them, they realize how difficult and important advertisement is. And boy are people fed up with adverts. It’s like fattening a duck, you literally have to stuff them. You literally have to take your message and force it down the throat of your fellow man. Now this is partly the reason why I dislike marketing and advertisement, because of such mentality, but it works and that’s all you need to know. We might hate it, but let’s be honest, how many times have we been influenced by advertisements? Sometimes for better sometimes for worse, but for most cases, we happened to stumble upon them, their reach was wide and far, you might have thousands of people watching Tv, reading a newspaper or surfing the net, but most likely only 1 out of 100 will likely enjoy your work and what you have to offer. You need that huge reach, so people can see you, so that they can invest in your ideas. This is partly why big corporations find it so easy to make money, and the little man suffers. This is why you must also learn their craft of mass hypnotism, and stick it to the big guys.

Check out my free ebook on www.theshiningserpent.com and help support independent publishing. I don’t know maybe even donate, actually don’t, you’re better off spending that money on that new film that’s just come out on bluray, you’ve probably seen adverts for it everywhere, it’s probably being forced down your throat everytime you go shopping. Besides what does an independent creative need money for? I am just a ghost looking at society from the outside, lost my flesh in the battle for my mind, blind to the material desires of my fellow man, drunk in the wine of the sages. My pineal gland is probably releasing and pumping tons of DMT as I type this, so I probably don’t need money, or atleast I hope so…

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