The Making of Hearts of Wildmen

So here it is, this is the making of our latest short film, Hearts of Wildmen.

How did this project come about?

Whilst scrounging through the many short films that I had written and was considering to produce. My colleague happened to stumble upon one of my more experimental scripts, a script that confers the director freedom to experiment and explore his craft. That script was Hearts of Wildmen. The story is about a decrepit old alchemist/mercenary who happened to have had enough of his life, and found peace in the primordial and ancient ways of life. He reminisces about our past and offers his thoughts on the path that we now walk upon. Mote, a bold and truthful artefact of war sits in a concealed forest haunted by his thoughts. But he comes to find that in this forest, he is not alone, and that all things have their end.

It is poetic and experimental, yet I feel it tells us much about who we are, especially given the state of horror most humans live in this century. The wars, the famine, the artificiality of life, must bear the burden of Mote’s brutal verbal diatribe.

For more future information please also check out our website:

Article written by my Colleague and Director H. Alsekafi:

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