Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas has always been a time that has held a strong resonance with me. I’m not christian, but there is something magical about this time of year, perhaps it is because during my childhood, these were the most enjoyable times. Playing in the snow, no school and free films on tv. So I decided to celebrate christmas and the new year by making the epub of my book availible for free. You should go to and download it, I mean why not, it’s free for goddsake! Just click on the link at the left of the site, and enjoy. Please help by sharing this with everyone you know, and get the name out there. The economy has been tough for independent publishers like me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Bandwagon Haters

You know what’s worse than being a bandwagon fan? Being a fucking bandwagon hater. I am now sick of this, I mean seriously, people these days are uniting just to hate on something. Think about it, how much hate have you heard towards Justin Beiber, how much hate have you seen towards the twilight series? Have you consumed any of those pieces of intellectual property? Have you watch twilight? have you heard justin beiber? I certainly haven’t, but for a strange reason I find myself hating them… Why? Well because I was under the influence of somekind of social coercion, I was forced on to a bandwagon of hate. It’s fair enough that I hate mainstream artists, but there’s a reason for that, mainly because most are artificial, their songs are written and composed for them, the ideas and the videos are done for them, they are nothing but puppets. Continue reading

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My Crazy Boss

He is so crazy, but he’s cool, mainly because I have known him longer than I have known anyone else. He is so crazy that he infact convinced me to write this stupid post comemorating him and his nonsensical ideals. Of course I do believe he knows what he is doing, but he is very sporadic, sometimes he is very strict, and at other times he lets me sleep the whole day off. Continue reading

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Anonymous and the destruction of Zionism.

Whilst the Arab leaders and politicians bawww and cry, whilst they scramble amongst themselves and have little meetings, there’s a war going on outside, one they are very afraid of. This war is one fought for the benefit of the ruling class, it seeks not to help the Israeli nor does it seek to help the Palestinian. This Zionist ideology is one of insanity; it is one of torment and uncouth saliva dripping thirst for blood. Yet amongst all the terror and mindless gorging of the higher ups, there existed one hope for humanity, they go by many names, but most call them, anonymous. In their path is left a trail of lulz and a relentless objective eye for truth. Their numbers exceed 9000, and they are the new fresh princes of this new era. Continue reading

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Redesigning My Book Cover

So many people told me to do it, and finally it has been done. Earlier this week I wrote a long post about book covers and how they can influence our perception. Well I’m hoping that this can somehow influence yours. Being my own publisher means that I now have to follow up everything, and change the cover on all websites.

Here is the comparison, the book on the left is the old design, and the one on the right is the new design. I also change the laminate type to matte finish, to give that extra booky feel. If you are interested in buying one check out my website:

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Reading at the ICCL

Yesterday I was afforded the pleasure of reading some of my poetry at the ICCL (

They are an Iraqi cultural centre based in london. I must say I really enjoyed the experience. I read some poetry and an excerpt from my book. I also got to showcase my new book cover. Overall the event was a change to the normal and mundane life of a writer. Writers are so used to being hermetic, and residing in the shadows, that doing something so public is always a nice change. Even these celebrity writers such as j.k. rowling avoid the limelight, and after yesterday’s event, it made me ask the question, why? Surely if a writers is conferred the power to have his thoughts and ideals permeate through society, he should have the confidence and courage to stand before them. Sometimes it feels like writing and poetry has become a way to express opinion in secret, as if their opinions hold any value, when the writers themselves are not willing to speak them out in public.
Another interesting point is that I met other writers Continue reading

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Book covers, laminate type and other headache inducers.

Book covers are perhaps the most elusive thing to a writer, writers write, and consequently, most writers buy books based on merit as opposed to packaging and cover design. I have found that over time, my taste and my choice in literature, has become one where I never judge a book by its cover. Of course I do remember a time, where I walked through Waterstones, and brought a book simply based on its cover, but whenever I done such a thing, I was never really pleased with my purchase. I have in my room stacks of books, these range from public domain documents (Philosophy and Old Literature), to the more modern junk paperbacks that seem to be permeating the modern literary world. The books that I most enjoy, seem to me, to all have bad cover. The cover is either really torn, its peeling, or there is some other deformity to its design. Though in truth, when buying books, I do not always judge them by the content. If I buy a book that I will consider reading whilst commuting, then the cover is very important, this is to some degree present in all of us. And this act of stupidity stems from “What will they think of me”. In other words when you’re reading a book, what will others on the train think of you, as if that matters at all Continue reading

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